Regular Household


Trash pick-up is contracted thru waste management the schedule is:
  • Routes
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Holiday closed
    • day behind
    • day volume


Parish Debris Management

Things We Can Pick Up


  • Limbs, cut up trees (cut in 4 foot lengths)
  • Furniture, mattresses, toilets, floor tile
  • Stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.(appliances)
  • Lawnmowers
  • BBQ pits
  • Rip-Rap (pieces of concrete)
  • Tin (roofing)
  • Pools (plastic)
  • Plastic Barrels, Metal Barrels

Debris must be put in separate piles: Example: wood pile, metal pile, limbs pile, furniture. etc.

Due to dumping at different sites Local venders are:
We do not pick up torn down houses, trailers, insulation, etc. You are to rent a roll off dumpster.
Dennis Stewart – 225-928-7263 (dumpster rental)

We do not pick up shingles, asbestos, siding, etc.
Televisions, computers, batteries, paint cans, used oil, microwaves, fluorescent bulbs & ballasts, flood debris.
Automotive mechanical parts, gasoline tanks, transmissions
This is where you take items we can’t pick up:

The Nearest Location to bring these item is as required by law.
East Baton Rouge Parish North Landfill
Samuels Road off Hwy 61
225-389-4813 or 225-389-5410

Tires can be delivered to the Maintenance Yard @ 11046 Bank Street, logged in with name, address etc.
Thank you.
Gwendolyn McCoy
DPW Assistant Director
East Feliciana Parish Police Jury
Phone: 225.683.3104